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Business Intelligence Warsaw - Data Analysis, SQL | IT Powers

Business Intelligence Warsaw - Microsoft SQL Server

Business Intelligence is an IT equivalent of backstage, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from all the information available within the company. Thanks to the integration of multiple systems storing crucial data, we can considerably limit decision-making time, introduce automatic reporting or improve work efficiency. Data warehouses can be used in virtually every division of your company, which is bound to bring you real and tangible benefits.

We offer:

  • Creating databases (SQL Server, MySql, Posgresql, Oracle)
  • Administrating SQL, MySQL, PosgreSql and Oracle servers
  • Creating professional reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Report Builder
  • Creating ETL solutions with SQL Server Integration Services (MS SQL, PosgreSql, oracle, MySQL, FTP/sFTP, WEB, flat file, xml)
  • OLAP analytical cube solutions based on SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Creating web apps and desktop applications based on ASP.NET MVC, C#

Modern business analytics

Business Intelligence solutions supplied by IT Powers will provide you with the best efficiency at reasonable prices. BI is a process that enhances key decisions in the company, turning raw data into information, which is later used to build knowledge to evaluate the company’s proceedings. The mechanism includes drawing raw data from source systems, transforming and standardizing the dataset, then writing it into a central repository – usually a data warehouse. The information collected thus can later serve as a basis to create a visual layer presenting the company’s current condition, with all the major trends, to evaluate the efficiency of its marketing campaigns or other key performance indices (KPI).

Who is the BI system for?

Every company wishing to increase the accuracy of its decisions should take advantage of Business Intelligence Solutions. Thanks to the adjustments made in reporting, the management will be able to immediately acquire knowledge on their company’s condition. Thanks to the integration of all systems (including accounting and marketing, CRM or ERP systems) it can be an extremely useful tool, as it considerably shortens the time it takes to properly analyze all the company data. Moreover, through the use of specialized prediction models and data mining techniques, we are, to a degree, able to obtain not only the current, but also predict future results.

Why IT Powers?

We offer a full range of services, from the creation of a design to implementing Business Intelligence/data warehouse in the company, we also provide maintenance and development for existing systems. Our knowledge and long-term experience in implementing B2B systems allows us to achieve satisfactory results and quick returns on all investments. We approach every project in an individual manner, acting well within the legal framework. In our work we use the most effective analytic tools, providing the highest quality of services, while still retaining attractive prices.

We invite you to cooperate with IT Powers – Warsaw, ul. Rakowska 9!

SQL Server, MySql, Posgresql, Oracle

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